Field Marshals of The Relegation Battle: Alvaro Negredo

We already introduced the  Field Marshals series in an earlier article, where we discussed what the topic was all about and also reeled out our list of “honourable mentions”. We now begin the series, like every proper trilogy, with the “least” of the parts, and the first of the three Field Marshals we’ll be looking at. We hope you enjoy it.

Alvaro Negredo:

After winning the 2015/16 Championship and securing promotion to the English Premier League, most people opined that Middlesbrough were in severe need of a striker with Premier League goal scoring experience. In stepped Alvaro Negredo (on loan from Valencia), to try to rectify to this problem. Even though Negredo had gotten his first taste of EPL football under Manuel Pellegrini, at Manchester City, his second spell in the League has turned out to be drastically different from the first.



  • While at Manchester City, he was part of a squad full of well-known players with Premier League pedigree. At Middlesbrough, the squad is mostly made up of unheralded players and Premier League debutants.
  • At City; he was part of a fluid striker rotation (which also included Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic). For Middlesbrough, he remained the only notable striker in the squad until the final weeks of the January transfer window (when he was joined by Patrick Bamford and Rudy Gestede).
  • At Manchester City; Negredo challenged for (and eventually won) the 2013/14 Premier League trophy. At Middlesbrough, he’s part of a group of players who are fighting just to remain in the League.

The second half of that last statement is exactly why Alvaro Negredo is one of our “Field Marshals”. He may not be as statistically proficient as the other two players we have selected, but Negredo’s contributions have proven to be of inestimable value to his team and we shall be examining them on the next page.

Negredo-Manchester City
Say what you will about the man, but his beard work has always been solid.

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