TOP ELVN: Players Missing From Gabon 2017.

In keeping up with the AFCON theme we’ve got going, so far, we’re going to take a look at the Top ELVN players who are currently missing from the tournament. These are players who could (logically) have partaken in this year’s tournament, but for one reason or another, find themselves absent from it.

So, here we go, with the Top ELVN Players missing from Gabon 2017:

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11. Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast):Yaya Toure-Manchester City

Aged 33 and still arguably the best box-to-box midfielder on the continent, Yaya Toure retired from international football, last September (the only player on this list who’s missing out for this reason, which is why he’s ranked last), but his inclusion here is more than justified. 6 different tournament appearances, two silver medals and the fact that he captained the Ivorian National team to success in 2015, give him, by far, the most impressive AFCON history on this list.

After emerging from the personal brouhaha at the begin of the season, Yaya has powered his way back into the Manchester City starting lineup (contributing 3 goals in 9 starts), and with Les Elephants having been eliminated from the tournament, without even making out of their group, we’re sure there wasn’t a single member of their team (or fan-base) who didn’t wish, at some point or another, they had their old captain around to lead them, once again.


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