TOP ELVN: Non-EPL Players at the AFCON

We originally gave you a list of the TOP ELVN EPL Players  at the AFCON, this year (click here to read it, in case you missed it). We went over how the AFCON duties could possibly affect the players themselves, their teams, and the League as a whole. Well, the English Premier League might be the most competitive top-flight league in the world, but it isn’t the only one worth watching, as there are several other exciting Teams and Players, in other top-flight leagues all around the world.

With all that being said, it’s now time to take a look at the TOP ELVN Non-EPL Players at the AFCON.

11. Cedric Bakambu (Villareal/DR Congo):

Cedric Bakambu-Villareal

After a prolific  debut season with Villareal (2015/16), Cedric Bakambu has fallen slightly out of favor this season, being limited to only 4 league starts. It hasn’t all been his fault, though, as a hamstring injury, last August, ruled him out of contention for 10 whole games.

Despite all of this, his quality cannot be denied and he’ll be hoping to turn in some impressive performances for DR Congo, helping his national team and simultaneously forcing himself back into the first team conversation in Villareal.

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2 thoughts on “TOP ELVN: Non-EPL Players at the AFCON

  1. This is brilliant! There’s also the Ivorian forward that plays with Aston Villa. Kodija. Watch out for that guy. He’s going places


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