Perhaps, more than any other football tournament on the globe, the African Cup of Nations has been the spiritual home of the weird haircut. For as long as we’ve been watching, we’ve been constantly blessed, tournament after tournament, with some truly bizarre barbershop aberrations (try saying that fast, five times, and let us know how you do) which have often looked striking enough to hurt even the eyes of the blind.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the haircuts, some of the more extravagant ones, and identifying multiple players (where applicable) who have, at some point or another, fallen into those categories.

Good? Bad? Ugly(x3)? Your call.

1. A “tail” of two (or more) ponies:

Mr West's Ponytails

Unsurprisingly the only one in his category, one time OG Defender and now Pastor of the “Shelter In The Storm Miracle Ministries Of All Nations” church, Taribo West possessed what was, by all definitions, a truly exceptional head of hair. It looked like it was sorta balding in the front and in the rear, but, the middle, in the middle, that’s where the real party was. Our man had two (sometimes more) pony tails, smack dab on the top of his head, and, more often than not, they were heavily colored. There honestly isn’t much else to say about this hairdo, except that we truly envy the testicular fortitude of a fully grown man, who’d wear this on top of his head, in broad day light. (Fun fact; if you do a Google image search for Taribo West, you’ll find a bunch of pictures where he either looked like he was surprised, or in awe of something.)

Mr. West with a distant stare in his eyes.
We’d always be in awe of ourselves if we had that haircut, too.

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